Tech boy crucifix 2x04

This one is a little late because I've been busy with work/life.

Quick Wiki Fandom site note: I'm also the admin on the Killing Eve wiki and the second season is starting next Sunday so I'm going to be twice as busy writing episode page plots for the next four weeks and things might be delayed. I sincerely hope they keep releasing these episodes at midnight because that's when I get in my first uninterrupted watch.


  • Tech Boy's rebirth story! OMG!
    • I loved the contrast between the piano keys and the computer keyboard; how one person can find beauty in music and another person can find it technology, and how patterns and structures are cross-platform ideals spanning music composition and code composition.
    • I do wish they had lingered a bit longer on that end shot of him pounding away at the keyboard because that was a sight to behold
    • Seriously, I really can't believe how much I loved this opening
  • BAST!!!! Please let there be more of her. A ton more. Otherwise, this feels like a cheap shot
  • Crispin Glover's elocution continues to make me swoon
  • Wednesday's kicks go perfectly with his suit
  • Shadow continues to have something to do! The first season, he was too much a passive observer so I'm really enjoying that they've finally figured out how to incorporate him into the plot.
  • Something new I learned was that Indian Americans dominate the US motel industry

General Thoughts

  • I'd like to see more of Ruby Goodchild. Maybe as a Bilquis companion like the Iranian woman in the first season?
  • I'd also love to see more of the CEO. Maybe as a New God companion (maybe even as a demi-god himself?)
    • Is the reason Technical Boy couldn't "show" the CEO the plan because the visual medium belongs to New Media?
    • And Tech Boy calling him "friend" as he fades into obsolescence 😭
  • What did Mr. World mean about Technical Boy being retired? They've used the VR boxes before in 1x01 and 1x05 so I don't think he's permanently gone; I think he's just been grounded.
  • I read A Raisin in the Sun in high school and loved it so much, I searched all around to find the Sidney Poitier film version (I have always had a major crush on Sidney Poitier). It's one of those movies that stuck with me and to this day, I can't think of assimilation without remembering Beneatha's monologue.
  • Is the Bookkeeper the god of Money or one of his minions (like Tech Boy)? Are the Penny Scouts like the Children?
Ibis bilquis and nancy 2x04

Thoughts from before

  • Mama-ji's job at the Motel America. It finally (somewhat) makes sense how she is both the maid and the waitress! Does she possess bodies at various Motel Americas at different times or does this mean there are a million Mama-jis (and Arjuns) at any given time? Is she all of them at the same time or are some of them NPC and she inhabits them when she needs to?
  • Another check off my wishlist: Mr. Nancy interacting with Bilquis, with an added bonus of Mr. Ibis! I kinda wish they passed the Bechdel Test for race, though. You know who should have heard Nancy's speech? Wednesday.
    • I thought at some point they would mention Jacquel's absence this season, but I guess not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I didn't think the battle for supremacy between New Media and Tech Boy would be over so quick, however, I suspect there's still more to come
  • I'm still not sure if I missed a "Somewhere in America" tag for the opening scenes but after last week's blink-and-you'll-miss, it's made me paranoid that I can't see them


Nothing major except I feel like I'm watching a different show than most of the reviewers? Some of the episodes they laud from Season One, I didn't particularly care for. And their almost irrational dislike of this season is just bizarre (especially the Vulture guy who seems particularly resentful). It's almost like they want it to be terrible and when it's not, they just shrug and call it ho-hum. The biggest difference between S1 and S2 is that what was lost in Fuller's art house style is gained by a more structured and cohesive plot. Other than that, in both seasons, some episodes are stronger than others and some scenes are better than others.


Money 2x04
Money: the most influential god in America. Untouchable asshole, but his stock never falls.

–Mr. Wednesday, "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

  • Money is truly all about faith
    • Which is more powerful in America: money or the Federal Reserve who inspires faith in money and manipulates money's value?
    • Nowdays, only 10% of money is bills and coins. The rest is electronic data
    • A fascinating rabbit hole to go down is the ending of the gold standard by both Roosevelt and Nixon.
    • Also, the velocity of money speeding up due to the internet (i.e. amazon)

This is one of my most favorite episodes of this series. I don't know just yet where it falls on my list (I'll figure that out over hiatus) but it's definitely close to the top. 4/5

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