The New family

Mister World as the over-bearing, over-controlling but kind-hearted and peace-desiring father. Media as the old-fashioned, seductive, charming but stern mother. Technical Boy as the rebellious, bratty, loud-mouthed older brother. New Media as the manipulative, passive-agressive, spotlight-stealing little sister.

And The Caretaker as… well, the house caretaker. 


The Neighborhood

With Vulcan, the old guy a bit too obsessed with firearms. Easter, Media’s best buddy and the socialite always throwing some parties. Bilquis, the seductive teacher of Technical Boy. Argus, the neighbor who likes to spy on everyone. And Mr. Wood, the excentric gardener. 

Coming on your television sets.

Don’t zap this program! Or this program will zap you. 

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