So… apparently Mister Wood and Mr Stone were both present in The Beguiled Man… It’s right there in the credits: Mr Wood played by Eric Daniel, and Mr Stone played by Chris Mark (who are different from the four Mr Town’s Agents played by Brent Jones, Vincent Rother, Alain Moussi and Kostas Tourlentes). 

… I wonder how they will play it with how Mr. Wood was portrayed in the first season. Even though, it’s true that the Mr. Wood of the first season wasn’t officially called Mr. Wood, it was simply a nickname Mr. Wednesday gave to the tree-god. 

And also, here Mr. Town knows that the New Gods are the New Gods, unlike in the book? So does it still mean that Mr. Town is human-like or more god-like? After all he says “I work for the New Gods” so he doesn’t include himself in them… It would honestly be cool if he was another god re-branded, like Argus who apparently became a surveillance system. I always personally wanted Mr. Town to be, true to his name, a bit more of a modern towns deity, and for the other spooks to actually have some sort of “divine characteristics” related to their names. 

(But seriously people, look at the credits of the episodes, there’s info hidden in there)

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