"Joke" 1 :

So, apparently, Thot was really respect by all the Egyptian gods for his knowledge and his intelligence, but they also all thought of him as boring and annoying because he talked a lot. Like a lot. He used complicated sentences, kept making digressions, sounded really pompous… The character of Fan-Boy in Freakazoid? That was him. 

Isis one day asked him about Horus’ health, because she thought he was sick and  Thot, the doctor-god, was the best to give a diagnostic. He apparently answered by a long speech, so long and so boring and so unrelated to the subject that Isis told him “You know, Thot… You’re quick to think but slow to answer.” Which was a polite way of saying “GO STRAIGHT TO THE ANSWER YOU POMPOUS ARROGANT LITTLE MISTER-I-KNOW-IT-ALL, IS MY SON GOING TO DIE YES OR NO?”

Ancient Egypt burn, everyone. 

"Joke" 2 :

Something people tend to forget (or just never knew) is that “Anubis” is the name the Greek gave to the Egyptian deity.

His true Egyptian name is “Inpou”, which means “young being” or “young dog”.

If we stretch things a bit…

… Anubis’ true name…

… is “puppy”. 

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