Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy...

So there is this interview with Neil Gaiman that just came out. Link right under, right there. And he talks about season two alright, but he also drops some light spoilers about the New Gods, spoilers that are supposed to appear in the next episodes... And while it doesn't spoil the story, it's mostly stuff about the working and identity of the New Gods. It's not much but it's still interesting and explains some stuff. So under the link to the interview, it's spoiler zone.

The first half of the interview is about the New Gods and such.

Neil talks about the Technical Boy. He talks again of the difference between the Technical Boy of the book and the one of the TV show: explaining the fat, acneic, basement dweller of 1998 belongs to 1998, and he uses again the idea of buying a pizza online (he seems to really like this comparison).

Neil also mentions that apparently they considered making the 1998 version of Technical Boy appear when they started season one, as the older/previous version of the Technical Boy of the show.

When he is asked about Old Media becoming New Media, Neil Gaiman confirms all the stuff I've been talking about, theorizing and analyzing previously. (and it's not only me, but a ton of other people out there)

The idea in the book that the New Gods have a shorter lifespan re-used in the TV show? Checked.

How Old Media becoming New Media represents the 20th century becoming the 21st? Check. 

He clearly says that when he created Media (and by extension the idea upon which Gillian Anderson's Media was made), television was the big thing. It was the heart of the house, it was an item of importance, they were big, and heavy, and expensive. And it corresponded to this old Media who speaks through 70s singers, post ww2 actors and black and white sitcoms. But now times have changed.

Neil Gaiman also mentions some of the New Gods that became old and disappeared. I don't know if he speaks of them from the book or from the television show, but he clearly says "The Train Gods came and the Train Gods are gone. The Telegraph Gods came and the Telegraph Gods are gone." (and again, remember the railroad baron in the book?)

But the most important stuff here is linked to Technical Boy.

Neil Gaiman confirms Technical Boy was murdered. But he also confirms that Technical Boy is still here and will still appear, hence why his actor is still there and probably will be in the third season.

It's really simple. All these stories of rebirth, with Argus and New Media, will also apply to the Technical Boy.

Remember the picture that goes around on this wiki of the Technical Boy in the 20s suit? I was really puzzled by it, because I thought it clearly took place at the same time Wednesday and Thor were doing their show - but I wondered how could Technical Boy be there at a time where there was no computer or video game or other sort of things.

Well, Neil Gaiman explains it very simply: we will see in the next episodes that Technical Boy is like New Media, the new version of an older "New God". Apparently, according to Gaiman at least, the Technical Boy began his divine life a long time ago, as the Telegraph Boy. When the Telegraph Boy got obsolete, he disappeared and was replaced with the Telephone Boy. When he became obsolete, he was replaced with the Television Boy. And when the Television Boy disappeared, we saw our own little Technical Boy appear. So yeah, Technical Boy always was the god of New Technologies. And with each new technology, came a new version of him.

And as Neil says "They replace each other, and it's not necessarily a nice process, being replaced." And before that: "The Technical Boy of now [...] they murder him. [...] there's another Technical Boy coming."

So yeah, all of those who theorized that Technical Boy was going to be "updated" like Media, you were right! And apparently all the Technical Boys are played by the same actor

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