Since I’ve watched the final episode, I am able to give my full insight on this second season.

I liked it. Maybe less than the first one, but I still liked it.

Yeah, it was a bit jumbled, confused. They threw things they couldn’t follow, they had to abandon some arc, or put on fillers or elements without much coherence to put things together.

BUT. They introduced wonderful themes they managed to exploit during all of the show. They had wonderful ideas. They managed to correct behind-the-scenes trouble in clever ways. And there were great moments and wonderful episodes. 

All in all, whether you think this season was good or bad, you can’t say that it wasn’t a necessary one. This season was meta in the sense that it was about being reborn, and that was the purpose of this season: to heal a show wounded, to make sure the American Gods series would be reborn smoothly. This season may have been a mixed bag, with such excellent and stuff not-so-great, but after the finale, I’m sure next season will be better. They have now a solid ground for the story to go on, they answered troubles that won’t bug the team anymore, they answered some questions, brought up new ones. They prepared plotlines they will be able to explore, and shut others to grow some room for other characters and events. 

I have hope and faith in American Gods season 3.

And American Gods season 2 HAD the American Gods spirit. People said “Oh, this season is not the same, it doesn’t have the spirit of the show anymore, it’s garbage”. These people are lying. This show had the American Gods spirit. It may have been badly handed at some points, but it’s technical issues. Issues of form, not of content. American Gods is not dead, it’s still living. It just went through a hard and difficult process, but now they have the tools, the material, the road is clear and there’s no more trouble. 

Yes. I’m eagerly waiting for next season. 

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