It's something I wrote on Tumblr some days ago, wanted to post it here. The spoilers by Neil just reinforced this thinking I had. So here it is 

At first I wanted to make a post about how I liked that the New Gods in the TV show are much stronger and powerful than their book counterpart.

And then I realized why. It’s because the four-group system of the New Gods was destroyed by the show.

Let me explain.

If you recall my post about the four groups of New Gods in the book (a post I will soon remake), the New Gods we saw (like Technical Boy or Media) were only representatives of bigger groups of New Gods. For example, Technical Boy was the representative of the “Techies”, the gods of technology. And Media seemed to be linked to the “Players”, a bunch of New Gods of fame and glory looking like famous actors, characters or newscasters. 

But in the TV show, it seems Technical Boy and Media stands for their entire group, reduced to one singular being.

Technical Boy in the book was merely the god of computers and of Internet, among a myriad of other unknown gods of technology. But in the TV show, Technical Boy is the god of ALL the new technologies. He is the computers and the Internet, but also videos games, smartphones, virtual reality, programming, etc. 

As for Media she is now the one who puts on the faces of the famous actors and characters mentionned as being the “Players” of Hollywood in the book. And she is not merely the goddess of television anymore but of all the forms of mass media - television, but also cinema and radio. 

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