Just a short blog to apologize for my inactivity on the Wiki. I actually was away without Internet for a long time. I still could connect from time to time (half-an-hour per day or about it), and it allowed me to post some pictures in the gallery, but I never had time to do more.

This far-away time allowed me to collect more information for Mama-ji's cultural background section. Kali is a well known figure to me, but one difficult to explain to newcomers, and one that especially needs back up when it comes to the details. I hope I have enough sources and material to make a nice, full, but concise section.

I also happened to find out that the American Gods visual novel got released in France! I found it in a shop, at a train station. I haven't bought it (mostly because I think the artstyle gets lazy, unimaginative or gets the characters completely wrong sometimes). But upon reading it I realized one thing - all the scans and pictures on the Internet are... how to say that? Pale? Delaved? Colorless?

The physical copy had much more vibrant and lively colors. Not so much "brighter" or "lighter", but in fact much "deeper" and "darker". It felt richer than anything I saw on the Internet. The artstyle still looked awful sometimes, but it still looked really good from far away and extremely intriguing. And of course, when you come to the god-universe, or the divine forms of the characters, or the folkloric representations, it is really beautiful. A shame the main artist just can't draw well humans. Or read thoroughly the book - seriously, it seems he or she discovers the book chapter by chapter. That's the only way I can explain all the weird mistakes they make. 

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