After season 1, here is all the season 2 content I could find on Colin Penman account. 

Link to his Instagram account (more may come from it!):

(Note: not everything is here, more will be added soon)

Of the Old Gods

Here I compiled pictures of the scars on Anansi's back when he is in his divine form, the true face of Odin when he is in the Hall of Gods (The House on the Rock), and some BTS pictures of Thor in his Donar the Great outfit.

Of humans

Here are pictures of the scratches on Shadow after his night with Bast, and one picture of the makeup of Shadow's mother during her last days, when she is sick and dying.

 The victims

Here are pictures of the dummy that was the first victim of the Motel America massacre in The House on the Rock, plus those of the corpse Ibis dissects while talking to Shadow, and the wound of Thor after he killed himself.

Of the New Gods

The famous picture of Bruce Langley in his fat suit, to play the book-Technical Boy, plus pictures of the crushed head of Mr. Stone.

The Irish battle

Here are pictures taken from the filming of the Irish battle, from The Treasure of the Sun episode. Includes Pablo in his Lugh outfit, several background Tuatha Dé Danann and Fomorian warriors, a fake Wednesday head in its box and the actor of Balor getting ready to play his role.

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