What I would like for Season Three: Edit

  • See more of Technical Boy previous incarnations (Telegraph Boy, Television Boy, the Fat Kid)
  • That they use New Media a bit more (show a bit what's new here. Where are the social medias? She can't just be all anime and mangas and hentai).
  • Explain Anubis/ Jacquel disappearance (or kind of).
  • Do something good with Bilquis. Now that she's back in Christianity there's a lot of potential (see my Bilquis-Easter theory analysis post). I hope they'll manage to find something good and fitting for her.
  • Maybe find a way to make Easter come back? Maybe more as her book self? I already talked a lot about how she could return to her own self. She could very well return to her roots, sporting a new face.
  • Explain exactly the deal with Mister Town. And what about Mister Stone and Mister Wood? And is this Mister Wood linked to the other Mister Wood?
  • Explain a bit more who the Caretaker actually is.
  • SEE THE ATTACKS! The monologue of the Caretaker quoting the book was nice, but what I was waiting for was to see what was happening everywhere in America, the effects that the conflict has, not only on our heroes, but also on others.
  • The concentration camp kitsune plotline, everyone?

Profile pictures (comic book adaptation) Edit

Profile picture for characters without their own /Novel page:

  • Buffalo
  • Mr. Wood
  • Whiskey Jack
  • Thunderbird (but not a good one, find one better)

Profile picture ready for characters with their own /Novel page:

  • Easter
  • Marguerite Olsen
  • Mr. World
  • John Chapman
  • Mr. Town

Picture to maybe add to the gallery:

  • Thor

Picture for things without any profile:

  • Backstage spider
  • Nunyunnini
  • Unknown casino god
  • Mawu and Elegba

Use one of the double character pictures for the Spooks?

BTS Pictures Edit

Keep Balor on one side

Projects and ideas for remaking pages Edit

Project one:

Separate the page for the Children and the Spooks. The Children may have one page only mixing their book and series version. The Spooks should probably have two pages, based on series and book.

Project two:

The main pages that serves as link between the /Novel and /Series pages. Currently, they are copies of the /Series pages, down to every last little detail. I propose to rather make them a redirection page. "If you want to go to the character that appears in the tv series, go there. If you want to go to the character that appears in the book, go there".

We could maybe make a little quick summary/recap of the character, using what they have in common in both the series and the book?

Project three:

Arrange the characters with only one page. Maybe a double infobox gallery? For the comic book VS series representation?

Project four:

Create a "Deleted Content" page to list the deleted scenes, concepts and ideas.

Current list. Season 1: other faces of Media considered ; the apparition of the Intangibles, the blowjob scene. Season 2: TechBoy cube scene, TechBoy vaping-house scene, Bilquis picture, Fat TechBoy picture.

Project five:

Once all the profile pictures are updated, check to find comic book pictures fitting the chapters of the book.

Project six:

Create a Conflict/War page.

Project seven:

Create a separate page for the gods' other identities and personas.

Mad Sweeney - His King persona ; his Lugh persona ; maybe his old fairy folk persona? The different background tales

Argus - his past incarnations as sheperd and Library keeper

Odin - his old names (maybe his different assumed identities?)

Technical Boy - his old selves. Telephone Boy + the non official versions

Remember Edit

Old Gods are the gods from the "old era". They are gods with known names, a cultural impact, with legends, mythologies and pantheons to surround them. They are gods of religion, gods of folklores and traditions. 

New Gods are gods from the "modern" era. They are gods without real legend, except urban legend. They don't have mythology, nobody knows them, they are simply the beings that filled the power vacuum the old gods left behind them. They embody what replaces religion as receptacle of faith and source of time-consuming distraction: technology, conspiracy theory, media. 

I still don't know where to place national personnifications like Columbia or cultural heroes like Paul Bunyan/Chapman, but at least it allows me to answer on the old-gods-reborn-new-gods stuff:

Indeed, an Old God can be upgraded/updated by the New Gods, either by getting a new way of worship, or by sacrificing themselves to change their essence, or fuse with something. But the Old Gods stay Old Gods, they actually don't become New Gods. Argus has the possibility to be reborn as an Old God. Easter and Bilquis both quit their deal with the New Gods. The Old Gods allying or submitting themselves to the New Gods is apparently not a definitive process. It can change their deep nature and make them New God-like, indeed, but in their heart and essence, they stay Old Gods. The ones who can't go back are only those who don't have any other choice or possibility, like Mr. Wood. But all the other ones can. 

I came to this conclusion simply because New Gods can't become Old Gods per se. They can become old New Gods, but they will stay New Gods - gods unknown by the mass public, gods with short lifespan, gods that are merely gods by name and are rather powerful embodiments or personnifications. A New God can't become an Old God - or he becomes a Newer God or he is forgotten and is replaced/disappears. And so it seems that Old Gods can't become New Gods - they are merely updated or upgraded or reborn Old Gods, but they stay "old".  

A fandom user said that and I like it Edit

Totally agreed. Mr World is Loki evolved. Mr World is god of globalization. He is the one who summons technology (Tech Boy - "I thrust you no why I summoned you" -> and then, summons a new Tech Boy, just like the world corporations are developing new technology when current tech gets old (or uncontrollable, maybe)) and he uses the media (Media) to sell his ideas (that "selling a war without the best salesman" in S02E01). Technology and Media are just utilitaries used by world. In this case, fear is the main driver for Mr World. Fear in people that behind all that tech and media, there is a "world government" which knows everything, about everyone - it is fused with the idea of Globalization, so in a way, I see this TV Series Mr World as complex character, the one who connects all (World). And yet, one of the main things fear does is chaos. This is for me a little contradictory with globalization and what the world is - on the one hand, Mr World wants to give people a place in world (or to eradicate them, if they don't want that) which is making order, and in another hand, he, if he is Loki, and clearly from S02 finale, wants chaos which is the exact the opposite. And obviously, Mr World can be created only with a belief in something - then, he is real. And Loki persona, on the another hand, is real. But, when I think differently, well - is that what World is doing - when the things aren't according to the world, "they" (Governments, I am talking about consiparcies) create chaos and then "pull things out of fuss" (S01 finale when Mr World shows up from the one of the Childern, the last word - I am not English native speaker, so apologies if it is written differently). In that way, it is logical for Loki to evolve from mischief and chaos into Mr World as god of World, someone who is behind all the consiparcies, who wants to impose a new world order and the one who will create chaos as in conspiracies, they are always evil. And, it is, in some way, understandable then why he is (SPOILER ALERT AFTER THIS) in a deal with Mr Wednesday (funny thing, if you call him Mr, then they both are Mr W). 

What is a New God? Edit

New Gods, or Modern Gods, are deities that appeared in America with the rise of modernity and the power vacuum created by the absence of religion in the heart of Americans. New Gods were created when people started offering in ritualistic ways and massively expressing specific feelings towards modern technology and concepts, such as fear, love, admiration, attention, a sense of a higher power, a belief in a greater force/entity or a willingness to kill for it. From these feelings and ritualistic habits, acting as offerings and sacrifices, the New Gods were born, embodiment of media, money and technology, incarnations of conspiracy theories, urban legends and irrational fears on a national level.  

New Gods are not gods of religion or mythologies - they are without name, religion or clear identity. In the book they even tried to avoid refering to themselves as gods, those serving them rather believing them to be highly advanced aliens. As a result, their "lifespan" is shorter than that of the Old Gods, they are more susceptible to complete oblivion, making them obsessed with the ideas of upgrade and update, in order to stay relevant and "in fashion".  

Difference between the book and the TV series: 

  1. In the book, the New Gods don't refer themselves as deities or divinities. Their spooks don't even recognize them as gods, but merely as technologically advanced telepathic aliens. In the series, the spooks are well aware that they serve gods, and the New Gods refer to themselves as such, talking a lot about their divine nature. 
  2. In the book, the Old Gods and the New Gods are distinct group without relations between each other. In the series, the New Gods have the power to upgrade/update the Old Gods, either through offering them a new way of gaining worship and faith, or by offering them to be reborn by fusing with a modern concept or technology.   

My fanon soundtrack for American Gods Edit

  1. King and Queen of America by Eurythmics
  2. Kid Dynamo, by The Buggles
  3. Living in the Plastic Age, by The Buggles
  4. Video Killer the Radio Star, by The Buggles

Pictures to fetch:

New gods promo s2:

New media promo:

New media makeup:

Bruce head:

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