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Tyr is a Nordic god of war, and an ally of Mr. Wednesday in his war against the New Gods. In contemporary times he has become a dentist, using the name Dr. Tyrell.


Known as the "one-handed man", according to the older Edda he is the son of the giant Hymir and his wife Hrodr, while the minor Edda describes him as the son of Odin and Frig. Currently working as a dentist, he gives Mr. Wednesday money in order to fund his war.

Significance in the series[]

In the series Tyr is presented as a friend of Mr. Wednesday. In the past they competed for the love of Demeter, Odin ultimately winning her heart. In the 21st century, Tyr founded a dental clinic that also serves as his temple and center cult. It was later revealed that Tyr had turned against Mr. Wednesday, due to both his personal resentment towards him, and his perception that he was leading the Old Gods in an unnecessary war against the New Gods.


In his first appearance, he requests the extracted teeth from his patient, a young boy. Later, he stores the same in a box with numerous others. He also makes a reference to Mr. Wednesday about his teeth, which the latter spurns laughingly. This indicates the connection of the teeth tributes to his godhood, although the exact details are left unclear.

Powers and abilities[]

Immortality & Longevity: Tyr has the potential to live for millennia and is immune to disease, his immortality and immunity depends on having some form of worship.

Expert Combatant: As a God of War he is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and use of weapons.

Super Strength: In his fight against Odin and Shadow, Tyr showed great physical strength.


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Cultural background[]

The day tuesday in nordic culture comes from the name Tyr.

Notes and trivia[]

Tÿr most celebrated story concerns the loss of his right hand. As Loki’s son, Fenrir (the wolf beast) grew to enormous size, the gods began to fret about the future of the beast and his growing power. A bold and brazen young adult, Fenrir was happy to engage the gods in contests of strength, and the Æsir pitted him against every type of binding they could find. None could hold the brute for long.

The gods turned to the master dwarfs for help, and out of impossible elements – the sound of a cat’s footfall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, bear’s sinews, fish’s breath and bird’s spittle – they created Gleipnir, which appeared as a silken ribbon, but was stronger than steel.

Fenrir sensed something amiss when the Æsir challenged him with their flimsy ribbon, but unwilling to pass up another chance to show his might (and embarrass the gods) he agreed to be bound with Gleipnir … on the condition that one of the gods place their hand between his teeth as a sign of good faith.

Courageous Týr volunteered, placing his right hand within the wolf’s mouth. Fenrir was bound with the ribbon, and he soon tired of fighting to break free. Realizing that he had been betrayed, the mighty jaw bit down and severed Týr’s hand. Fenrir was bound securely until Ragnarök.

Though it was to Fenrir that Týr loses his hand, it is actually the Hel guardian Garm who he faces at Ragnarök, and they are destined to kill one another.