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She herself is a haunted house. She does not possess herself; her ancestors sometimes come and peer out of the windows of her eyes and that is very frightening.

–Angela Carter, The Lady of the House of Love

The Monarch of the Glen is a novella written by Neil Gaiman that takes place after the novel, American Gods.

Shadow travels around Europe, including his birthplace in Norway, then goes to Scotland.



  • Sutherland, Scotland
    • Cape Wrath


  • Shadow
  • Jennie
  • Dr. Gaskell
  • Gordon
  • Grendel
  • Grendel's Mother
  • Smith
  • Mr. Alice

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Smith recounts to Shadow the tale of Sawney Bean and his clan of cannibals.
  • The Monarch of the Glen is an oil painting completed by Sir Edwin Landseer in 1851 and depicts a stag set against the backdrop of the Highlands of Scotland.
  • Jennie is a hulder, or huldra, a Scandinavian forest creature.
  • Shadow is forced to fight in a death match with Grendel but spares him, much to Grendel's mother's relief.