"I got hijacked by a fat kid in a limo," said Shadow. "He says to tell you that you have been consigned to the dung heaps of history while people like him ride in their limos down the superhighways of life. Something like that."

Shadow to Wednesday, Chapter Three

Technical Boy is one of the New Gods and is a personification of computers and the Internet.

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Chapter Two Edit

Shadow is walking back from his wife's burial when he trips and falls in a ditch right before he is captured and knocked out. He wakes up in the back of another limo, sitting across from a fat, young man. He quizzes Shadow about his work for Mr. Wednesday before telling Shadow to relay a message that Mr. Wednesday is forgotten and old while he is the future. He has "reprogrammed reality" and can "delete" Shadow any time. He takes Shadow to the Motel America and releases him.

Interlude 1 Edit

In Los Angeles, at 2:00 a.m. on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Bilquis roams the streets, looking for johns to worship her. She has started using the internet to find dates because it's been raining recently. It's about to start raining again and as she is leaving, a white stretch limo pulls up to her. She gets in and the passenger/john is Technical Boy. Bilquis lies and says her name is Ayesha and then jumps out of the limo when it starts to slow. She runs in fear, trapped between a cliff face and a hillside. The limo hits her when she's trying to climb the hillside. Technical Boy gets out to taunt her before returning to the limo and she is run over again and again before the limo drives away.

Chapter Fourteen Edit

Shadow, Mr. Nancy, and Czernobog reach the Center of America and park at the one-story motel. There is a chauffeur and a female newscaster standing outside. Media introduces herself and leads them inside where Technical Boy is waiting with Mr. Town. Shadow asks Mr. Town if he's slept with Mr. Wood's wife yet. Mr. Town hands room keys to Mr. Nancy who passes them out to Shadow and Czernobog.

Media calls everyone for dinner. The chauffeur has brought everyone McDonald's from Nebraska. As they eat dinner, Shadow asks when they can take Mr. Wednesday's body and is told that according to the rules, they have to wait until midnight. After dinner, Technical Boy knocks on Shadow's motel room door. He wants to talk because he finds his room creepy. Shadow tells him they both need some rest and Technical Boy goes back to his room where he starts throwing something heavy against the wall.

It's soon close to midnight and everyone meets in Room Five, where Wednesday's body is laid out in the middle. Loki calls the gathering to order and asks if anyone would like to say something. Mr. Town passes, Czernobog warns that this is the start of war, and Technical Boy starts to recite a poem but can't remember the rest of it. Shadow says that the whole situation is "pitiful" because half the people there had a hand in killing Wednesday but Shadow is still working for him. Media makes a few pithy comments about life and death before Mr. Nancy finishes off with another warning that the New Gods would pay for what they had done and the New Gods take their leave.

Chapter Seventeen Edit

At Rock City, Technical Boy roams among the New Gods, searching for Mr. World. He finds Mr. World in the Rainbow Room of Rock City. Technical Boy is troubled after having killed Bilquis and asks why they need to fight the Old Gods when they can just wait around for them to die out anyway. Mr. World tells him it is because he doesn't have all the information as his mouth twists into Loki's. He explains to Technical Boy that he is waiting for the stick from the World Tree so he can throw it over the battle, turning it into a spear as he dedicates the battle to Odin in order to gain power. He proceeds to show Technical Boy what he means by stabbing Technical Boy through his chin to his brain as he says, "I dedicate this death to Odin." He hides the body and a little while later, a voice from the shadows tells him it's a "good start."

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The Technical Boy is described as a fat young man barely out of his teens, puffy-faced, with a spattering of acne glistening on one of his cheeks. Dressed with a long black coat made of silky material, he tends to wear black sunglasses, even inside buildings. His eyes are described as "glinting", either with the green of an antique computer monitor, either with the copper-color of the eyes of a toad. When he is wounded, what leaks from his wound is something that is "not actually blood".

In the graphic novel adaptation, the Technical Boy becomes obese (while he was simply overweight in the novel) and blond. His pupils are green, his irises yellow and his eyelids reddened. He wears a silk dressing gown, along with socks and slippers. It should be noted that the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab also represent the Technical Boy as an obese and blond boy.

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  • Technical Boy's outfit in the book is a reference to The Matrix movies.
  • In the book, Technical Boy seems to share a thematic link with frogs and toads. His eyes are described as toad-like, Bilquis mentions that he "puffs like a bullfrog", he smokes synthetic toad skin. His appearance (overweight, with acne) also reminds the reader of a toad.
  • The Technical Boy seems to be linked to the group of New Gods called "the techies" by Mr. World, located around Austin and San Jose.
  • Technical Boy is the most changed character from the novel to the series, as the Internet has evolved significantly since the novel was written in 2001.[1]
    • In the series, Technical Boy's look is "more punk than god."[2]
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab created a perfume oil based on the Technical Boy, for their line "American Gods I". It is described as: Vape smoke and burning technical parts.
  • The Technical Boy's limousine is described as very long, white, with tinted windows and leather seats. Its ceiling is lit with "glinting fiber-optic lights" that keep changing through a cycle of "dim colors", from violet to blue to green to yellow and then to violet again.

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