There are numerous Other Characters who do not fall on the side of the Old Gods or of the New Gods, whether they are a human or a god themselves. Some of these characters are indigenous to the Americas and were not brought over through colonization and immigration while others are mythological creatures or culture heroes.

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Mrs. Fadil Edit

In a Somewhere in America story in "Head Full of Snow," Mrs. Fadil passes away and is brought to the afterlife by Anubis.

Gnaskinyan 2x03

Gnaskinyan in Muninn

Gnaskinyan Edit

Gnaskinyan, also known as Gnaski or Crazy Buffalo, is a malevolent Lakota spirit. He is the son of Iktomi's brother, Iya, and Unk. He appears with Iktomi in "Muninn."

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William "Froggie" James is a historical figure who was lynched in Cairo, IL on November 11, 1909. His story is partially told in "The Ways of the Dead."

AG comic Nunyunnini

Nunyunnini in the graphic novel

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Nunyunnini is the skull of a woolly mammoth worshiped by Siberian immigrants in a Coming to America story in Chapter Thirteen and in "Lemon Scented You."

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Okoye is a prisoner on a Dutch slave ship transporting him to America in a Coming to America story in "The Secret of Spoons." Mr. Nancy convinces him to fight back and Okoye frees the rest of the the slaves and they set fire to the ship.

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