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New Media is a new incarnation of Media, adapted for the 21st century. New Media is the goddess of social media, global ontent, Internet and information, a "cyberspace chameleon" and "master of manipulation" [1].

Significance in series[]

"House on the Rock (episode)"[]

After the Caretaker allows Mr. World and Technical Boy into the Black Briar bunker, Mr. World tasks Technical Boy to find his "best salesman," Media.

"The Beguiling Man"[]

Technical Boy stands in the middle of Times Square, calling for Media to come out. He reads a message from Media in the form of a commercial on one of the screens. He tells her to get in the car but she protests with another message about advertising being an art form of the 20th century. Technical Boy tells her that it is ancient history, like her 20th century faces. Media talks through his phone about needing insight after Wednesday attacked them at Easter's. She is adapting and evolving and will not return until she is ready in her new form. Technical Boy switches to his own Backstage to track Media who has gone "ghost in [his] machine" and is using his technology to hide in. He confronts her electric ball and tells her Mr. World needs her before he flicks her off to put her face on.


The Caretaker, Technical Boy, and Mr. World are in the Black Briar bunker. The Caretaker blames the outdated network and that they were unable to get an exact GPS location on Shadow from the drone. Technical Boy complains about Argus not updating the bunker like he asked. Mr. World is angered that Technical Boy failed to keep Argus in order and demands he go in person to sort out the upgrade. Behind them, the screens are overtaken by a completed download as pop music plays and a form steps forward out of the monitor. New Media introduces herself, fresh from her upgrade. Technical Boy asks how is it an upgrade.

Technical Boy and New Media have arrived at Argus' office. New Media hints at their similarities now that she has upgraded. She tries to finagle bandwidth from him.

Wednesday and Laura have finally made it to the final level of Argus' lives, except Technical Boy and New Media got there first and Technical Boy is threatening Argus for not upgrading his tech.

Technical Boy continues arguing with Argus before New Media interrupts and begins seducing Argus. She grabs one of his wires as she offers him the opportunity to merge since everyone watches her and he watches everyone. One of his wires snakes up her leg and up her skirt as they begin to synergize their marketing opportunities.

Laura enters the room and is spotted by Technical Boy, who momentarily feigns protest. She stabs Argus in his neck tattoo, breaking his bond with New Media. With Argus in his death throes, Technical Boy drags New Media off and Laura calls Wednesday to enter.

"The Greatest Story Ever Told"[]



New Media's overall appearance seems to be heavily inspired by Japanese K-Pop singers.


Kahyun Kim described New Media as a self-assured and precocious goddess that manipulates and uses people the same way social media does. [2]

Bruce Langley described New Media as a character that merely play "cutesy and dumb" and knows much more and is much smarter than she lets on: she is willing to be underestimated in order to make her plays when she needs to, people never seeing her coming. [3] Just like Media, she knows more than those around her and is a dangerous creature, but where Media had a natural sense of authority, New Media deliberately pretends to be naive and downplays her powers. [4]


Kahyun Kim described New Media as a goddess built over social media, taking her strength from millions of "followers" who define their happiness, relationships and validation through websites such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. [5]



Bruce Langley explained that New Media was a "hard reset" of Media, the same goddess but "new and reborn", and thus different and changed. [6]

Mr. World[]

Kahyun Kim explained that Mr. World likes New Media because she has the "power of followers" and "reaches for the masses". [7]

Technical Boy[]

Bruce Langley described the relationship between New Media and Technical Boy as an "interesting symbiosis": New Media exists only because of technology, and needs Technical Boy (the one that "birthed" her) to survive, but she provides in return a huge part of the current worship of Technical Boy. The result is a mutual dependance for the sake of existing, but also a rivalry and a power play - though currently New Media needs Technical Boy more than Technical Boy needs New Media. In fact, the only way she could supplant him is by uniting herself with another deity to render Technical Boy "inert", something she attempts with Argus. Bruce Langley also explained that New Media played "cutesy and dumb" precisely to better interact with the brash and impulsive Technical Boy. [8] [9]

Cultural background[]

In an interview, Kahyun Kim explained that New Media's birth in a "pool of selfies, emojis and techno-pop beats" was supposed to be "almost like an iPhone coming out", the manifestation of a "new wave" among the current generation. In the same interview, she explained that New Media's schoolgirl outfit in her first appearance was designed to make her look like a "poppy Japanese manga thing", while other outfits of the goddess were inspired by fashion icons of pop culture, such as Gwen Stefani or Lady Gaga. [10]


  • New Media was a character created in order to cope with Gillian Anderson, the actress of Media, leaving the series.
  • Neil Gaiman confirmed that Media and New Media are two separate characters, and not the same character under another name. [11]
  • On December 17, 2019, it was announced that Kahyun Kim (New Media) would not be returning for season 3[12]