Neil Gaiman- Who are the New Gods? - American Gods

Neil Gaiman- Who are the New Gods? - American Gods

The New Gods are the gods of society, technology, and globalization.

Notable New Gods Edit

  • Technical Boy. In the book, personification of the Internet and computers. In the television series, god of New Technologies.
  • Media, goddess of Mass Media and Pop Culture.
  • Mr. World, head of the New Gods. In the book, leader of the Spooks. In the television series, personification of Globalization.

Other New Gods Edit

  • Intangibles
  • Phone god
  • Radio god
  • In Chapter Six of the novel, Wednesday lists a number of New Gods whilst addressing the Old Gods at the House on the Rock, mentioning "gods of credit-card and freeway, of internet and telephone, of radio and hospital and television, gods of plastic and beeper and of neon."
  • The American freeways are implied to be deities, though Wednesday avoids driving down them, claiming to not know which side of the war they are on.
  • Technical Boy speaks with a New God during Chapter Seventeen, described as "massive" and "scalpel blades jutted from its face and its fingers" and has a "cancerous" face, implying this deity is a god of cancer.
  • When Shadow arrives at Rock City in Chapter Eighteen, several additional New Gods are described, including an implied train god, appearing as a railroad baron who "had the air of one who had seen better days;" "great grey gods" who represent airplanes; and car gods who are described as a "powerful, serious-faced contingent, with blood on their black gloves and on their chrome teeth."
  • Mr. Town tells Shadow in "The Beguiling Man" that he works for the gods who "gave us penicillin and streaming porn and aircraft carriers that circle the globe."

Gallery Edit

  • The New Gods by season 2 finale

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