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Do not piss off those bitches in airports.

–Low Key to Shadow, "The Bone Orchard"

Low Key Lyesmith is Shadow's old prison cellmate.


Significance in narrative[]

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Significance in series[]

"The Bone Orchard"[]

Shadow Moon is locked up in prison, lifting weights in the yard with his cellmate, Low Key Lyesmith. He is due to be released from prison in five days but has a premonition of a storm coming. He relates his uneasy feelings to both Low Key and later in a phone call to his wife, Laura Moon.

After Shadow is released early from prison, he arrives at the airport. He tries to exchange the ticket Laura bought him to Eagle Point from Friday to Tuesday. The Airline Attendant is unhelpful and Shadow remembers a story Low Key had once told him about Johnnie Larch who had been released from prison after five years. Larch hands the lady at the airport an expired ID and he argues with her that even though it is expired, it is still a valid ID. She calls security on him and he is back in prison. The moral of the story: "do not piss off those bitches in airports." Shadow pays with his credit card for a flight out the next day.

Physical appearance[]

Low Key Lyesmith is first introduced in prison with Shadow and is described as having a "scarred smile" and "orange-blonde hair pretty much shaved."


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Notes and trivia[]

  • Jonathan Tucker and Ricky Whittle filmed the prison scenes at a real penitentiary in Oklahoma. [1]