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Here are listed all of the locations of the American Gods universe.

Locations in American Gods[]

Mundane locations[]

Eagle Point[]

The native town of Laura Moon, and Shadow Moon's home at the beginning of the novel. See Eagle Point

Jack's Crocodile Bar[]

The bar where Shadow made a compact with Mr. Wednesday and fought with Mad Sweeney. See Jack's Crocodile Bar.

Motel America[]

See Motel America.

Ibis and Jacquel Funeral Parlor[]

The funeral parlor where Mr. Ibis and Mr. Jacquel live and work, alongside Bast. Located in Cairo. See Ibis and Jacquel Funeral Parlor.


A small town where Shadow spends time as Mike Ainsel. See Lakeside.

Places of power[]

Special locations in America. Centers of divine energy and power.

House on the Rock[]

One of the places of power of America, where Mr. Wednesday held a gathering of the Old Gods. See House on the Rock.

Center of America[]

The true heart of America. An anti-place of power, very dangerous for the gods. See Center of America.

World Tree[]

A manifestation of the mythical world-tree in America. See World Tree.

Rock City[]

A place of power where the Old Gods and the New Gods plan to fight. See Rock City.

Black Briar[]

A secret bunker and one of the headquarters of the New Gods. See Black Briar.

Other dimensions[]

Other worlds beyond the human reality.


The alternate plane of reality where the gods can freely walk and act as themselves. See the Backstage.

The afterlife[]

The realms where the deads go. Includes things such as the Egyptian Underworld or the Hall of the Forgotten Gods.

The Cliffs[]

The mythical and supernatural realm where Those of the Cliffs usually live.