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Cashier: "Jack's Crocodile Bar, it's west on County Road N."
Shadow: "Crocodile Bar?"
Cashier: "Yeah. Jack says they add character."

Chapter One

Jack's Crocodile Bar is a location in American Gods where Shadow agrees to work for Mr. Wednesday and gets in a fight with Mad Sweeney.

"The Bone Orchard"[]

Shadow has arrived at Jack's Crocodile Bar where Jack offers him her chili. Shadow heads to the bathroom where Mr. Wednesday appears from a bathroom stall. He is still offering him a job and he passes Shadow a newspaper with an article on the car crash. He tells Shadow that Robbie had also died in the accident that killed Laura.

Shadow admits to Wednesday that he is broke and jobless but he'll only work for Wednesday based on the flip of a coin. Wednesday calls Heads and Shadow is surprised to discover it is Heads when he rigged the toss. Wednesday goes to the bar for drinks and Mad Sweeney approaches Shadow to warn him about Wednesday.

Wednesday returns with three shots of mead for Shadow to drink. Shadow takes the first shot and Wednesday tells him the mead seals their bargain. Shadow will be his driver and bodyguard and will hold his vigil upon Wednesday's death. Shadow agrees to $2000 a week on the condition that he won't hurt anyone for fun or profit and that he will quit if Wednesday pisses him off. Shadow drinks the second shot to seal the deal and the third shot as the "charm." Wednesday spits on his hand and they shake.

Sweeney starts pulling real gold coins out from everywhere and Shadow asks how he does the trick. Sweeney tells him it's the easiest trick in the world to just pluck them out of the air. Shadow asks again and Sweeney challenges him to a fight for the answer. Shadow declines, yet Sweeney keeps egging him on. He starts to insult Laura and Shadow punches him in the face. They begin brawling, tearing up Jack's bar and fighting until Shadow blacks out.

"Head Full of Snow"[]

At Jack's Crocodile Bar, Jack enters the bathroom with a shotgun to evict Mad Sweeney. Sweeney tells her to not push her luck by trying to shoot at him because it won't work but she does anyway. The beer bottle in Sweeney's hand explodes and it surprises Sweeney.

"A Murder of Gods"[]

Sweeney wakes up in the backseat to find that they are not in Kentucky but have arrived at Jack's Crocodile Bar. They go into the bar and order drinks before taking a seat at a booth. Sweeney insults Laura's looks and smell and she tells him to stop trying to shame her because it doesn't work. Sweeney warns her about bringing attention to herself and asks why she came back to Indiana. He tells her her old life is done and Shadow is not obligated to take her back because she's dead and he knows it. The kiss that made her heart beat made Shadow taste the death on her. Shadow has a new life with Wednesday and Salim got a new life with the Jinn and Laura needs to get a new life without Shadow.

Chapter One[]

Shadow stops for a drink and a bite to eat at Jack's Crocodile Bar in the town of Nottamun, and when he heads to the restroom, he finds Mr. Wednesday there waiting for him, asking if he still wants the job.

Chapter Two[]

Mr. Wednesday offers Shadow a job again and Shadow tells him that his best friend, Robbie Burton, already has a job waiting for him at the Muscle Farm. Mr. Wednesday gives Shadow a news article relating how Laura died in a car accident along with the driver, Robbie Burton. Mad Sweeney arrives at the bar and joins them. Shadow eventually agrees to work for Mr. Wednesday on a six-month trial basis. Shadow begins doing a coin trick and Sweeney does one better. He challenges Shadow to fight him and he'll reveal how he did the trick and then starts a fight with Shadow when Shadow won't accept.

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