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Wars are being fought all the time, with the world outside no more the wiser: the war on crime, the war on poverty, the war on drugs. This war was smaller than those, and huger, and more selective but it was as real as any.

In the Interludes, several deaths and events throughout America signal that the war between the Old Gods and New Gods has come.

Interlude 1[]

In Los Angeles, at 2:00 a.m. on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Bilquis roams the streets, looking for johns to worship her. She has started using the internet to find dates because it's been raining recently. It's about to start raining again and as she is leaving, a white stretch limo pulls up to her. She gets in and the passenger/john is Technical Boy. Bilquis lies and says her name is Ayesha and then jumps out of the limo when it starts to slow. She runs in fear, trapped between a cliff face and a hillside. The limo hits her when she's trying to climb the hillside. Technical Boy gets out to taunt her before returning to the limo and she is run over again and again before the limo drives away.

Interlude 2[]

Marguerite Olsen calls her half-sister, Samantha Black Crow, and they discuss Marge's new neighbor, Mike Ainsel. Sam decides to come to Lakeside for a visit and tells her to invite the neighbor for dinner.

Interlude 3[]

Jacksonville Florida. 2:00 a.m.

Laura Moon applies for the "zombie shift" at a gas station in Florida, telling the hiring manager that she doesn't look well because she has a medical condition.


In Interlude 1, Bilquis is the Queen of Sheba, who was suspected of being half-human, half-demon (a jinn). She roams the streets of Los Angeles, looking for johns to worship her as they once did four thousand years ago.


  • Los Angeles (Interlude 1)
  • Lakeside, WI (Interlude 2)
  • Jacksonville, FL (Interlude 3)


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