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Humans are the main protagonists of the American Gods universe, be it American Gods or Anansi Boys. The existence of gods depends on humans, who create them through belief and worship. Some humans can be born of gods, making them demigods.

Humans sustain the existence of gods by worship, offerings, devotion, and sacrifice. In some cases, killing other humans as sacrifices provides great sustenance to the gods they were killed for, and gods can even eat humans to be rejuvenated.

Notable humans[]

Other humans[]

Mrs. Fadil[]

In a Somewhere in America story in "Head Full of Snow," Mrs. Fadil passes away and is brought to the afterlife by Anubis.

William "Froggie" James[]

William "Froggie" James is a historical figure who was lynched in Cairo, IL on November 11, 1909. His story is partially told in "The Ways of the Dead."


Okoye is a prisoner on a Dutch slave ship transporting him to America in a Coming to America story in "The Secret of Spoons." Mr. Nancy convinces him to fight back and Okoye frees the rest of the the slaves and they set fire to the ship.