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Ann-Marie Hinzelmann is Lakeside’s ever-cheerful unofficial mayor, who makes a point of trying to befriend Shadow while also hiding a terrible secret. [1]


Hinzelmann is the disarmingly warm one-woman welcome wagon for Shadow Moon and the gods as they head to Lakeside, Wisconsin. There, she recruits Lakeside’s Chief of Police, Chad Mulligan.[2] She is the owner of a small convenience store, a world-famous fishing lure artisan, and the unofficial self-appointed mayor of Lakeside.[3]

Significance in narrative[]

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Notes and trivia[]

  • Hinzelmann, or Heinzelmann, is a German kobold known originally around the black forest though later his legend was transferred to the city of cologne where he always appears an a group, the "Heinzelmännchen". He is a household spirit who performs helpful tasks in exchange for prices or demands, often causing mischief when these demands are not met. He is similar to the british Puck, Hobgoblin, Robin Goodfellow, and roman Lar Familiaris and Penates, appearing either in form of a tiny or diminuitive naked and bearded old man or in shape of a small child about the age of four, in childform he may appear alive and congenial or dead, either a spirit of a dead child or a child corpse bleeding from many cruel wounds.The term Heinzelmann is believed to be derived from the german name "Hinz" or "Heinz" which is short for "Heinrich" meaning "King of the Home"."Heinz" is just one of many names typically associated with german householdspirits which are commonly known under the umbrella term "Kobold".Other such names are Hödekin, Chimmeken, Heinzchen, Heinze, Himschen, Kurd Chimgen, Walther, and Wolterken.
  • He drives a Wendt Phoenix he calls Tessie.