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Harry Bluejay is a member of the Lakota people and the nephew of Whiskey Jack, though Harry denies such claim.


Significance in novel[]


Harry Bluejay is a young Lakota man, with a blue jay tattoed on the back of his right hand and multiple piercings in his right ear.


Harry Bluejay seems to be good with billard: when the protagonists first meet him, he is doing trick shots at a pool table to impress a group of girls.


Whiskey Jack[]

Whiskey Jack claims to be Harry Bluejay's uncle, a claim that Harry strongly denies. Every time he is referred to as such, Harry claims that Whiskey Jack is not his uncle and expresses the desire that the "old fox" would stop telling that to everyone. He also claims that Whiskey Jack says a "lot of things" and that not all of them are true. Bringing the subject up also visibly distresses him, since talking about it made him unsteady enough to miss a trick shot at a pool table. It is unclear if Harry is aware of Whiskey Jack's true nature.

John Chapman[]

Harry Bluejay dislikes John Chapman, calling him a "crazy barefoot white ghost" and saying that John gives him "the creeps".

Mr. Wednesday[]

While they briefly met to exchange their cars, Harry Bluejay showed a true terror towards Mr. Wednesday. Sensing his anger after acting coldly about the car exchange, he shivered "visibly and violently" when the older man pressed him for his Buick, apologizing several times and immediately going out to fetch it, all the while glancing at Mr. Wednesday as if he was "about to explode".

Notes and trivia[]

  • Harry Bluejay's car is a 1981 Buick in poor state, missing its wind mirrors and smooth, bald tires (the "baldest Shadow had ever seen"). He cleaned it up before giving it to Mr. Wednesday by putting all his belonging into a trash bag. They included: several unfinished cheap beer bottles, a small packet of cannabis resin wrapped in silver foil, a skunk tail, two dozen country and western music cassettes, and finally a battered, yellowing copy of Stranger in a Strange Land.