Donar Odinson, also known as Thor, was one of the Old Gods and son of Odin.

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Donar, also known as Thor, was the son of Odin and God of Thunder in Norse Mythology. Long blonde hair, a ginger beard and muscles for days, the strongman is the star attraction at Grimnir’s Regius Theatre in 1934.

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  • Supernatural Strength: As the God of Strength, Donar possessed enormous physical strength enabling him to lift great amounts and even smash powerful objects as he did with his hammer on Odin's spear Gungnir breaking it in half. His strength had also been augmented with all the recent worship he had been receiving from his new fame.
  • Weather Manipulation: As the God of Thunder and Storms, Donar was able to manipulate the weather as he did when he became anger with his father for sending Columbia away, creating a thunderstorm overhead causing thunder and rain.

Significance in series Edit

"Donar the Great" Edit

Committed suicide in Philadelphia in 1942.

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Chapter Thirteen Edit

Wednesday's son, Thor, is only briefly mentioned as having killed himself in Philadelphia in 1932.

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  • Donar on stage
  • Donar lifting weights

  • Derek Theler's makeup and face appliances for the role of Donar
  • Prosthetic for Donar's suicide wound

  • Thor's suicide in the graphic novel

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  • Thor is a Norse God of thunder, lightning, storms, hallowing, strength, protection, fertility, war, oaths and oak trees
  • Alviss, a dwarf from Norse mythology, was promised to marry Thor's daughter but Thor tricked him and caused him to turn to stone.
  • The weekday names in English are derived from Germanic interpretation of Latin and including Old Saxon, Old Norse, Old English, Old Dutch, Old Irish, Old High and Middle Low German names for gods in Germanic/Scandinavian mythology.
    • Thursday is named for Thor, or Thunor.
    • The other days of the week are Tyr, or Tiw for Tuesday, Odin or Woden, is for Wednesday, Frigg for Friday, and Saturn the Roman god representing Saturday while Sunday and Monday are named after the Sun and Moon.
  • In the novel, Thor committed suicide in 1932, while in the series, he committed suicide in 1942.

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