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Demeter is the Greek Goddess of the agriculture, harvest and fertility.


Demeter has an unresolved romantic history with Mr. Wednesday. But Wednesday has a bigger obstacle to overcome if he wants her help in his war effort: her involuntary commitment to a mental institution.[1]

Significance in series[]

Season Three[]

Demeter was summoned by a desperate mother on a farm in Pennsylvania, 1765. As the goddess of harvest, grain, nourishment and the giver of life, she bestowed a bountiful corn crop. She established a modest home where she stayed until the American Independence War, when she was wooed by two war gods: Odin and Tyr. Being not just the god of war, but also the god of justice and law, it was Tyr who was the worthiest suitor, full of love and kindness. But eventually, Demeter chose Odin over him, finding the latter's charm and passion mesmerizing. The god of war and the goddess of harvest married after a brief but passionate courtship, and soon Demeter expected a child. But tragically, the baby girl died while was still growing in her womb. Odin couldn't find the strength to stay by her side and comfort her, so he left for his wars, leaving Demeter broken by grief. Tyr, despite Demeter marrying Odin instead of him, came to help her in her time of need, however, she was never able to properly recover, later admitting, it was easier to hate Odin for leaving than to mourn her stillborn daughter, focusing on hatred and anger instead of trying to find comfort and reconciliation.

By the 2000s, Demeter's worship was entirely forgotten, but nevertheless she gathered immense wealth. At some point, however, Demeter grew tired of fitting into the changed world, and appeared naked in public. When she was prosecuted, she attempted to convince the judge that her nakedness was an inherent attribute of her divinity, introducing herself as the goddess Demeter. Mistaking her to be mentally ill, the judge committed her to a mental institution. Despite her involuntary confinement, Demeter grew attached to the place, realizing the patients there weren’t questioning her identity, and even venerated her as a goddess as she was, offering her their "worship".

Powers and abilities[]

Demeter has authority over fertility, plants, fruits, she exercises great dominion over nature, she could also change the state of the earth.


Notes and trivia[]

  • Demeter does not appear in the novel.
  • She is set to appear in four episodes of Season Three[2]
  • According to the Season Three showrunner, Chic Eglee, "[Blythe Danner] is our muse in crafting the role of Demeter, since no one else can bring such ethereal beauty and grace to the portrayal of a goddess.”[3]