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Cordelia road trips across the country meeting her boss’ eccentric friends and helping him with “tech stuff,” unaware she’s caught up in a divine battle for the soul of America.


Cordelia was a whip-smart but rebellious college dropout facing mounting legal bills and student debt before Mr. Wednesday arrived in her life.[1][2] Mr. Wednesday wrangles her to his side to help with tech stuff, though she remains unaware of his divinity.[3]

Significance in series[]

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Notes and trivia[]

  • Cordelia does not appear in the novel.
  1. Mr. Wednesday refers to Cordleia as "my fiancée" when introducing her to Shadow, despite not being involved in any kind of romantic relationship. He also refers to her as "my girl Friday" when talking to Czernobog. "Friday" is derived from the name of Frigg, the Nordic goddess of marriage, prophecy, clairvoyance and motherhood, the same way "Wednesday" is derived from "Wotan". It is unknown what this implies. In Nordic Mythology she is generally seen as Odin’s wife.