America needs a goddess of substance to take us into the fight. My associates and I know all about you. You were doing great until Mademoiselle Liberty came along and stole your thunder. You're surviving for now. But pretty soon, the people will forget and no amount of sequins will stop that fantastic rack of yours from going the way of the dodo . . . It's the American way of life we're concerned about. And we believe you have the power to save it. With a little less Buffalo Bill and a little more Our Lady of the War Effort.

Telephone Boy recruiting Columbia, "Donar the Great"

Columbia was one of Wednesday's star attractions at the Regius Theatre. Columbia does not appear in the novel.

Background Edit

Columbia was the feminine embodiment of the spirit of America before the Statue of Liberty arrived and stole her thunder. Part femme fatale, part tomboy and full of sass, Columbia is an every woman. Columbia and Donar are a couple. Both are under contract with Grimnir to perform at the theater, but Columbia is eager to head west.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • America Embodiment: As the female personification and Goddess/Spirit of the United States of America, Columbia possesses every aspect of that, and which also gives her unparalleled powers over it. Columbia's powers have yet to be shown in the series.
  • Essence Reading: Columbia was able to see that Technology Boy was different just by looking at him and was visibly surprised, later asking him what he is.

Significance in series Edit

"Donar the Great" Edit


Notes and trivia Edit

  • Columbia is the personification of the United States and was once used to describe the Americas. The name originated from Christopher Columbus.

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