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"They didn't tell you?" Her voice was calm, emotionless. "Your wife died with my husband's cock in her mouth, Shadow."

–Audrey to Shadow, Chapter Two

Audrey Burton was married to Shadow's best friend Robbie. She first appears in Chapter Two when she arrives at Laura's funeral and spits on her.


Shadow met Laura through his best friend, Robbie Burton, who was dating Laura's best friend, Audrey.

Significance in narrative[]

Chapter Two[]

At the funeral parlor, Audrey Burton arrives and spits in Laura's face. She tells Shadow that Laura died with Audrey's "husband's cock in her mouth."

Shadow arrives at the cemetery for the burial and remains behind until he is the only one left. He tosses in the gold coin he received from Sweeney the night before and begins walking back into town. Audrey follows along beside him in her car as she tells him about Laura and Robbie's affair before taking off again.

Chapter Thirteen[]

Audrey shows up in Lakeside to meet up with her distant cousin, Chad Mulligan, at the Buck Stops Here. Shadow arrives at the bar with Sam. Audrey screams when she recognizes him and causes a scene, ordering for him to be arrested for murdering the two Spooks. Sam tells Audrey off before kissing Shadow to show she's on his side. Mulligan takes Shadow outside and sends Audrey away before driving Shadow to his office.

Physical appearance[]

Audrey is described as a small woman in her thirties with dark red hair.