Once upon a time there was a fucking queen. She had it all: the glory, the power. Worshipers eager to give and grateful to receive. Why? Because she had the gift of the gift. The blessing of blessings, hers to bestow. And her place of worship? Oh, that was the place to be. That was the goddamn shit. It was good fucking times. Kings didn’t like that. Kings came one after the other to knock her off her throne. They didn’t last long. When the queen was done with you, you were gone. Worse ways to go. But the kings, they kept coming after her. Our queen’s power which is the power of all women, the power of rebirth and creation, it makes some men kneel in awe and give gifts. But it makes other men angry. And you know it: Anger gets shit done.

Mr. Nancy about Bilquis, Come to Jesus

Bilquis is one of the Old Gods. As an ancient goddess of love who craves the worship she inspired in eras long gone, she is eager to find that same relevance in today's world.


Bilquis is the legendary Queen of Sheba who ruled the city of Ma’rib in Yemen thousands of years ago where she was worshiped by her people in nocturnal rituals of orgiastic nature.

Significance in narrative Edit

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Significance in series Edit

"The Bone Orchard" Edit

Somewhere in America

Bilquis is in a bar for a date with a man she met online. She takes him back to her place and into her bedroom. They undress and he tells her she's perfect. She asks if he doesn't think she looks "spent" and he replies that she is sexy. They begin to have sex with Bilquis guiding him. She asks him to worship her with his words and body and to pray to her. He worships her with his words as she starts to ride him. He prays to her and exalts her as she keeps riding him, swallowing him from the waist down, telling him not to stop and to give her his body and his life. She finishes consuming him with her vagina and relaxes, rejuvenated from his willing sacrifice.

"The Secret of Spoons" Edit

Bilquis goes out on numerous dates, consuming men and women with her vagina as she rejuvenates and refreshes herself with their willing self-sacrifices. In spite of the worship she receives, she is unhappy. She visits an exhibit of antiquities, passing by a statue of herself as the Queen of Sheba. She sees her body jewelry laid out in a glass case and an image forms under the red velvet as if someone were wearing it.

"Come to Jesus" Edit

864 b.c., Temple of Bar'an

Bilquis is in her temple, bedecked in body jewelry and diaphanous robes. Her worshipers dance and writhe naked as Bilquis anoints them with a black substance on their foreheads. A king approaches to knock her off her throne. She welcomes him and they have sex with him transforming into a black liquid when she finishes with him. The orgy of worshipers also transform into black liquid for Bilquis to absorb.

1979, Tehran

Bilquis makes her way through a disco club where she encounters a young woman and asks her to dance. Men with guns storm the club and destroy it as people flee in terror. Bilquis is saved by the young woman.

Bilquis is on a flight to America seated several rows behind the woman who helped her escape the disco. She asks the man seated next to her where the bathroom is at and takes him into the bathroom with her. She returns to her row alone. The flight attendant gives her a "Hollywood, California" postcard.


Bilquis visits the woman she followed to America as she lies dying in the hospital of AIDS.


Bilquis has been reduced to homelessness and is pushing a cart along the street when she stops in front of an Ethiopian restaurant named Marib. The menus have drawings of Bilquis on the front, reminding her she was once a queen. The TV in the restaurant shows live footage of her ancient temple in Yemen being destroyed by ISIS. Later, as she is sleeping on the street, Technical Boy pulls up to offer her a new altar, giving her a cell phone. She scrolls through an online dating app, and sees a picture of herself at her most beautiful.

Present Day

Bilquis once again visits the museum housing a collection of her artifacts. She ignores a phone call from "The Man" (Technical Boy). He appears behind her and scolds her for avoiding him. He is calling in the favor she owes him.

Bilquis is on a bus trip to the House on the Rock in Wisconsin and invites the man seated next to her to the bathroom.

Appearance Edit

Bilquis carries a regal essence everywhere she goes and possesses divine beauty. She has dark brown skin, full lips, with round dark colored eyes. Bilquis's beauty enchants all. Men, women, and kings - it made no difference. They all fall under the thrall of the legendary queen. In her prime Bilquis styled her hair into what resembled a chalice or even a crown, with finery expected of a goddess and queen. In modern times Bilquis remains as beautiful as ever. She styles her hair in loose curls, and when she's not seducing mortals in loose shawls or robes Bilquis is seen wearing elegant dresses with heels. When deprived of worship Bilquis is physically malnourished with her skin distinctively looking dry; hence, when given a sufficient amount of sacrifices she becomes radiant.

Quotes Edit

Do something for me. Worship me. Stay here with your words, with your body. Worship me. Pray to me like I'm your god. Your goddess.

–Bilquis, "The Bone Orchard"

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Immortality: As a god, Bilquis is functionally immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means. She remains beautiful and youthful so long as she receive worship. In "Come to Jesus," when Bilquis does not get worship, she begins to show signs of aging, including sexual-transmitted diseases.
  • Feeding: As the goddess of love, Bilquis feeds on the love of her worshippers by consuming them with her vagina. In the past, she was able to transform humans into a body of black liquids to absorb them.
  • Love Manipulation: As the goddess of love, Bilquis can control and influence the emotions of humans. She can cause mortals to fall in love with her in order to feeds on them.
  • Blessing of Bliss: Bilquis can bestow her gift of eternal bliss and pleasure upon her worshipers. After Bilquis absorbs her worshipers, they are sent to a nebula-like dimension of afterlife where they enjoy a state of perpetual orgasm within her.
  • Divine Beauty: Bilquis is endowed with otherworldly yet natural beauty, gorgeous facial features, a curvaceous body, and a very sensual personality. She can sexually attract the hearts of both men and women.

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American Gods - Bilquis - Season 2

American Gods - Bilquis - Season 2

Yetide Badaki on Bilquis - American Gods

Yetide Badaki on Bilquis - American Gods

American Gods - Season 1, Episode 2 Clip- Queen of Sheba - STARZ

American Gods - Season 1, Episode 2 Clip- Queen of Sheba - STARZ

American Gods Bilquis STARZ

American Gods Bilquis STARZ

Notes and trivia Edit

  • Bilquis is the Queen of Sheba who was suspected of being half-human, half-demon (a jinn).
  • Yetide Badaki was a fan of Neil Gaiman long before being cast as Bilquis.
  • Yetide is also an immigrant. She was born in Nigeria and lived in England before coming to America. She became a US citizen in 2014.[1][2]

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